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Join us and elevate to a new level in international business with BESTAV!

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Unleash the Power of Global Trade with BESTAV!

Join us and soar into a new dimension of international commerce with BESTAV - your trusted guide through the ever-changing landscape of global trade. 

Unrivaled Insights 
At BESTAV, we go beyond the surface to uncover what really matters. We begin with an in-depth analysis and strategic positioning to identify the most promising opportunities for your business. Our project planning and activity blueprint pave the way for success, as we continually monitor market trends and conduct meticulous company research. 
Tailored Solutions, Unmatched Value 
From new ventures to seasoned exporters, BESTAV is the ally you need to realize your ambitions. Our services aren't one-size-fits-all. Instead, we tailor our strategies to your unique needs and objectives, focusing on creating added value that makes a real difference. 
Transparent and Trustworthy 
Like a GPS for your global trade journey, we help you navigate the complexities of the international market. We’re committed to maintaining transparency in everything we do, ensuring that you’re never left in the dark. 

Why Choose BESTAV? 

Knowledgeable and Experienced: Leverage our wealth of knowledge and experience in global trade to propel your business to new heights. 
Strategic Insights: With our data-driven insights and strategic approach, we help you make informed decisions that give you the competitive edge. 
Tailored Solutions: We craft solutions that are tailored to your business's unique needs and objectives, ensuring optimal results. 
Transparent and Trustworthy: We’re committed to maintaining transparency and trustworthiness in all our interactions. You’ll always know where you stand with us. 
Unleash the Power of Global Trade Today! 
Ready to experience the BESTAV difference? Join us and unlock the unlimited potential of international trade. The future of export is here, and it's waiting for you at BESTAV! 







Expert Personnel Coaching

Expert Personnel Coaching

Export Consulting

Export Consulting

Reach BESTAV with the Right Questions!!!

How does the process work when we want to work with BEŞTAV?

When you want to work with BEŞTAV, an interview is held with you to determine the service that suits your needs. After this meeting, a business plan is drawn up and the proposal stage is started.

What distinguishes Beştav Consulting from other export consultancy companies?

In addition to standing out with our experience and tailoring service we provide to each of our companies, we follow the latest trends, examine the commercial flows all over the world, filter this big data for you and turn it into simple and applicable targets.

How to get export consultancy training?

Export consultancy training is best taken in the form of “on the job training”, that is, process consultancy. If you have a team or you want to improve your team's skills, we offer you the most effective ways to market your products with our foreign trade coaching service, as well as how to meet with your target customers and on what subjects they will tell them. We teach you that you need to provide detailed information while your business processes continue within a package program.

What is Export Consultancy Service?

Export consultancy service is a set of services developed for companies that have just started foreign trade or do not have the time or budget to set up a team. These services include Foreign trade sales department service, Export Department setup and management service, and foreign trade data and information provision services.

Why is the export department necessary?

Today, the lives of local companies are getting shorter and shorter, it becomes impossible to achieve sustainable success by staying local, exporting does not only enable your company to open up to new markets, but it is also the study that best shows you your competitors, trends and where you need to go in the next stage. That is why the export department is indispensable for our manufacturing companies.

Which countries can we sell to?

Currently, there are 220 countries for countless products that can be exported. The important thing is not to know which country you can sell to, but to know which country you will sell to in the shortest time, with the highest profitability and in a sustainable way. With the services it offers, BEŞTAV shortens the export processes of our companies and ensures that they reach their target as soon as possible.

Why is overseas market research necessary?

Foreign market research is necessary to determine in which countries we will sell our products and to create focus, trying to sell to many countries at the same time will cause losses for most companies in terms of both time and cost. The best way to prevent these losses is to determine the target market by conducting a detailed and clear market research.

How much are the export consultancy fees?

Export Consultancy fees vary according to the needs of your company, and the pricing is sent to you as an offer after the preliminary meeting with you, with the creation of a detailed work program.

Do we provide customer and sales guarantee?

Meeting with the right customers and reaching the right target countries does not mean that you can make 100% sales. In order to guarantee sales, it is necessary to interview the customers and send them samples and offers, and to draw up a purchasing plan as a result of the meeting. Foreign trade is not a 100-meter run, but a 10-km marathon, which is why results are not obtained in a short time. Target customers currently buy the products you produce from other countries or from suppliers in their own countries, so there is no guarantee. However, as BESTAV will direct you to the right markets and the right customer groups, your success rate will be very high.

How does Export Consultancy service add value to your brand?

Export Consultancy service adds international recognition to your brand as it enables your company to expand abroad in a fast and sustainable way. While companies with international recognition increase their sales to several times that of the local market in a very short time, they also take the first step towards Globalization.

How can I benefit from the support of the Ministry of Commerce while exporting?

There are many supports for export and these supports are provided by the Ministry of Trade, KOSGEB and export development organizations. We always guide you, our valuable companies, on how you can get the most appropriate support during the process, accurately and on time. The first step to benefit from the support of the Ministry of Commerce is to register with the DYS (Support Management System).